PLTCI College of Medicine

PLTCI Asia Pacific College of Medicine is one of the best institution for Medical Education in the Philippines.

The college was established more than 30 years ago. PLT Colleges offers courses in all major education sectors including medicine. Advanced lab amenities, State of the art facilities, friendly faculty, highly equipped government hospitals and skilled staffs are some of the reasons to choose PLTCI to do MBBS abroad.

History of PLT

PLT Colleges Inc. was established in 1989 in the beautiful province of Nueva Vizcaya. Initially the College’s primary focus was Technology and Computer Sciences.

Over the years PLTCI has expanded its course offerings under various programs such as Arts and Sciences, Business, Criminology, Education, Health Sciences, Hospitality Professional Courses, Information Technology, International Relations, Paramedical Courses, and Medicine. PLT Colleges maintains an  exemplary academic record and its graduates have become successful, working around the world. The College also hosts the first and the only Medical College in Nueva Vizcaya Philippines that is accredited by both CHED and Bureau of Immigration.

Faculty and Teaching

PLT Colleges acknowledges faculty as one of the biggest contributing factors for quality education. And standing by that, the college has some of the best teaching faculty in various sub-domains of medicine.


The Curriculum at PLTCI College of Medicine is designed with care, considering the aspects of rapid modernization in the field of Medicine, technological inclusions and international competitiveness.

The Location

The College is located in the beautiful province of Nueva Vizcaya. PLTCI has campuses in Bayombong, the provincial capital and one in Solano, which hosts the College of Medicine which are surrounded by mountains. Solano, Nueva Vizcaya (where PLT College is located) is a peaceful place, where one could witness and enjoy the local culture. The local people are friendly, and the city is a very safe place. Unlike other metro cities, Solano is proudly, pollution free! The town provides the suitable environment and ambience for good health and relaxed mind, which would help the students to focus more on their studies.


Reaching Solano, Nueva Vizcaya should not be a problem for international students. Manila is about 5-6 hours drive from the province which hosts the largest international airport in the country. Clark international airport, Cagayan North International Airport are the other two options

The Campus Experience

PLTCI Asia Pacific College of Medicine & research is the first Resort based medical School, where the college and hospital are located in a mountain wellness resort.

The atmosphere is pleasant for our students and the educational experience is exceptional!


PLTCI’s Spacious Classrooms and lecture halls equipped with multimedia and teaching aids, complement the learning Experience of our students


The College is equipped with the most modern library in the country. It also provides self study areas that are open beyond college hours

Anatomy Lab

PLTCI APCMR has one of the modern  anatomy dissection halls. it is also spacious and well ventilated and can accommodate dissection of up to 20 cadavers at a time. The Lab is also equipped with Virtual dissection System.

Clinical Training

Students get hands on training from Consultant Doctors at Region II Medical center and PLTCI Louis A. Tiam Medical center. By the end of the course students are equipped to handle patients on their own.

Small Group Sessions

Small Group Discussions (SGD) is where students get direct attention from the lecturers and they acquire leadership, team work and other required skills to be a doctor.

Extra Curricular Activities

The College regularly hosts sports and cultural events to complement the learning experience of Medical Students. Students also can play at the Bowling Center and relax at the swimming pools in campus.

Our goal is to produce world class doctors who are not only experts in their field but are also compassionate towards fellow human beings

Purismo L. TiamCEO/ Founder